Rachael, you are an absolute star! 
Over the last few months that we have been working together, you have proven yourself to be a reliable, efficient and super organised Virtual Assistant. 
You have helped me to slowly let go of my tight grip on my business and have made the transition much easier than I expected. 
The tenants you have dealt with so far all have raved about you, how friendly and professional you have been on the phone, and how at ease you made them feel. 
It is so nice to hear you asking about tenants that you have been a part of the journey of, and it reassures me you care as much about my business as I do. 
You are a great addition to my business and I look forward to many more tasks being moved over to you! 
Hemi Tanna 
Bitex Homes 
Rachael's organisational abilities and experience in business adminstration have been and continue to be invaluable to us. I can say with absolute certainty that Rachael brings new meaning to speed and efficiency. She is both smart and good at what she does. 
Lawrence Taylor 
Founding Director of Taylor Pickering Ltd. 
I can heartliy recommend Rachael to business owners. I have used Rachael's services for my business several times and find her a consummate professional in all that she does. 
Jay Webb 
HR Consultancy | Jay Webb Consultancy Services 
It was very easy and straightforward to work with you and knowing that you were taking care of the event meant that I could focus on delivering great content for the participants. What a brilliant service, thank you. 
Barbara Armstrong 
Managing Director, P Three Business Development 
Rachael is an excellent VA 
We use Rachael's VA Services for my construction business. She is super efficient and quick, much quicker than any employee I have had in my 30 years of running a business. Very clever too and always 10 steps ahead of you. 
Rachael is a joy to work with and all my staff love her as she is very welcoming and approachable, and always happy and smiley in our video calls. 
She knows her stuff and her EA skills are impeccable. I wasn't sure if virtual would work for us but it was the best thing we ever did and I'm so glad we chose Rachael, who was recommended to us by another building company. 
I tried to find some faults but there really aren't any. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rachael to anyone who needs a 5 star executive admin service. 
B Rann 
Contact Rachael today to find out how we can help you by calling 
07794 677 646 


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